Who We Are

Trinity Unpacking Co. is a team of professional organizers who utilize their talents and professional expertise, to offer superior girl power to help locals settle into this ever-expanding area. By coming together, these pros are able to offer a turn-key service by overseeing the entire moving process from start to finish. Trinity handles all the details so you can experience a stress-free move. You can explore your new neighborhood, settle into your surroundings, and get right back into work if you have to. Each team member takes great pride in their work, and lives for the feeling of magic that comes from helping homeowners fall in love with their spaces, and into clarity and well-being. 


Rekita Brown

Rekita Brown, the owner of Genuinely Organized, is Trinity Unpacking Co.'s project manager and space planning specialist. Rekita leads the team efficiently to reach the clients' goals and needs. She also reimagines proper function in any floorplan. She has a fine appreciation for architecture and design and takes heart in spearheading furniture arrangements.


Alejandra Rivera

Alejandra Rivera, the owner of Your Organizing Studio, is Trinity Unpacking Co.'s staging and product curation expert. Alejandra carefully considers each client's style, decor, budget and needs to expertly create unique spaces that are not only functional but also beautiful as well.