Is There a Monster in Your Closet?

Updated: Mar 24

Halloween is just around the corner. This signifies a change of season, and the beginning of holiday decorating and party planning for the next three months. While the afternoon sun is still strong here in northern Florida, the mornings and evenings eventually make way for hot pumpkin lattes, warm woolen sweaters, and even the occasional knee-high boot to complete an outfit. There will be sugar craving princesses and witches roaming the streets in a few weeks. Ghouls and goblins hiding in homes...and monsters lurking in bedroom closets. Is there one in yours?

Guys, the bad news is that while most Halloween characters only exist in storybooks or legend, closet monsters are a very real thing. They exist. They dwell in your neighborhood, and perhaps even in your own home. They are the kind of monster that nests in chaos, eats sought after clothing, and makes you shudder and shut the door in one fell swoop. The good news is, while you may have had a hand in creating a ripe environment to house the closet monster, you can also eradicate it with just a little effort and good prophylactic practice. Ready to learn how?

Count to three, and open the door. Hit the light, and scan the room. How much is on the floor? Are your clothes bulging from hangers? Are your shelves occupied? What’s working for your lifestyle? What’s not? Are your hangers mismatched or broken? Take a quick look around the connecting bedroom. Is everything contained? Or are closet items now occupying floor space or furniture in your bedroom? Do you have a regular place for laundry? Or are you unsure of what is clean and what is dirty? There are straightforward solutions to all of these questions. And, if you are looking to up your home decor game, fancy solutions as well.

Block off a few hours on your calendar, and order some matching hangers and bins if necessary. (Check out Our Favorite Products section for inspiration). On D-Day, cue the Ghostbusters anthem, and dive right in! Equip yourself with a white garbage bag for trash (or hopelessly soiled items), a black garbage bag or two for donations, and some other room bins.

  • Your first goal is to clear the floor.

  • Throw like items into piles (shorts with shorts, tees with tees, hangers, laundry, other room items, etc.).

  • Donate rarely used, unliked, poorly fitting clothing and shoes.

  • Equip your closet with a laundry hamper, dry cleaning garment bag and donation tote.

  • Once the rails and shelving are emptied, consider the placement of each section. Long hang should be grouped on a rack without limiting height. Sweaters can be folded to decrease hanger scorn and increase hang space. Hats, seasonal items, important documents, photographs and luggage can be placed on a strong top rack contained in labeled bins. Shoes should be placed on a shoe rack if space allows.

  • Hang like with like, or simply color code your garments.

  • Hang all items with the hanger and front facing the same direction. Flip the direction of the hanger for items you are unsure about. In six months, if you haven’t worn those times, throw them into the donation tote.

  • If you find yourself needing to get creative with space, over-the-door shoe organizers, stackable bins, or under bed totes are the way to go.

  • Suspend subscriptions or shopping until you have a reasonable amount of clothing in your closet.

After all that hard work, sneak a piece of Halloween candy, and put your feet up! Now that you’ve tamed the closet monster, your bedroom can once again become your decompression zone. Dressing in the mornings will be a breeze. Dread will subside, and you can refocus on taming the other little monsters who share your space! However, if you want to get started, but need a brave team of fearless domestic warriors to help with your endeavor, the gals at Trinity Unpacking Co. are always here to help! After all, 'when there's something wrong in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Clutter-busters!'

Cheers to happy haunting, courageous taming, and new seasons of change!

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