Is Clutter Holding You Down? Three Simple Solutions to Getting Ahead of the Mess

Updated: Mar 24

Oftentimes, people have too much stuff with too little time to tackle the accumulation. Whether you are a busy professional commuting to work every day, working from your home office, or a caretaker managing a busy household day in and day out, chances are, if you are living amid clutter, you are likely experiencing more stress than those who dwell in an orderly, organized home.

Duplicate items, broken materials, expired food and toiletries, unworn clothes with tags attached, old packages and wrappers are some of the most common ingredients in a clutter casserole. Our prayer for you as professional organizers, is to honor the belief that less is more in most cases. When we help clients sort through the extra materials clogging up their channels of well-being, we revel in the grace that spreads throughout their homes as physical and emotional clarity are restored. If you could use some helpful advice from the queens of clutter control read on as we offer three of our most impactful tips.

How Does it Make You Feel?

Does this item bring you happiness? Marie Kondo is known for her “spark joy” mantra. She is most definitely onto something. Regardless of whether you live in a studio apartment or a six bedroom beach house with unlimited storage, objects take up physical space in your home. These objects also hold an energy imprint. How do you feel about the an item? Does it stir up feelings of guilt or duty? Are you holding onto it because you feel obligated, or fearful of lack? What kind of energy emits from you when you regard it? If the answer is somewhere gloomy (negativity, fear, remorse), then ask yourself why you are holding onto it? Perhaps that item can serve a lighter purpose in another home.

Just Go Ahead Let Your Hair Down

Have fun with it! Like Nike said, “just do it!” Don’t live a day longer disgusted by your mess. Look, messes happen to the best of us. Even professional organizers. It’s true. I personally have 3 children and 4 dogs who make a daily mess like it’s a competition. However, we also have systems in place, and a home for everything which makes clean-up quick. And when we have subordinates threatening mutiny, we switch the mood and make it a fun family affair. If the spirit moves you, set the goal. Set a time limit (start with one hour). Turn the music up (until you can’t hear the whining) and start sorting away. Clear one surface at a time. Equip each area with two strong garbage bags. One for waste. One for donations. Throw out broken items. Bag up duplicates for donation. Have a small pile for reconsideration. If you haven’t worn it or used it in over a year, let it go. Look back and see what a difference some determination makes. Don’t stop there. Take the garbage out to the curb. Place the donation bags in your passenger seat so you are more willing to drop it off on your next trip out. Set a weekly date for a quick decluttering session in your phone’s calendar.

The Power of Pause

Cancel those subscriptions girl! Subscription companies have been on the rise for the last few years. With the click of a button you can easily enjoy a monthly subscription for clothing, toys, books, wine, shoes, undergarments and so much more. Convenient, certainly! A recipe for disaster? Most definitely for some. I still get giddy when a package arrives with my name on it. Childhood excitement runs through my veins when I open up a brown box or white envelope with mystery materials inside! I get it. That anticipation can be addictive. But the dark side of these subscription companies is apparent with the accumulation of unwanted items for those with little time to process returns. Sometimes it’s easier to tuck them away in a burgeoning closet shelf to save for a rainy day. The hard truth is that the rainy day turns into a gloomy reality of too much stuff, too little storage, and too little time to tackle the overflow. If you didn’t use it in the 2020 lockdown, you aren’t likely to use it. Like ever. Please, kindly, cancel that subscription girl.

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