5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! While a labor some task, it doesn’t have to be extremely unpleasant. If you’re looking forward to getting your home in tip-top shape, here are five tips to get you started.

1. Make a schedule

  • Let’s face it: spring cleaning feels like the one chore you never want to do, but you know life will be much smoother once it’s completed. Make the process easier by creating a Spring Cleaning Schedule, tackling different sections on different days. That way, you won’t feel nearly as guilty when it’s time to take a cleaning break!

2. Start Small

  • Think of Spring Cleaning as a marathon, not a sprint. Your clutter took more than a day to pile up, so it’s okay if it takes more than a day to get everything back under control. Using your new cleaning schedule, remember to take things day by day and clean small areas at a time. Slow progress is still progress.

3. Inventory Your Products

  • Bathroom cabinets, spice racks, deep freezers - these are some of the most neglected spaces in our homes. Spend time going through these areas and throwing away anything that’s expired. Also, make note of items that you haven’t used in a while, and highlight items that are slowly approaching their expiration date. Plan to use or donate these items before they become additional clutter.

4. Use Hacks

  • Running out of space for your spices? Try a Lazy Susan. Smells coming from your kitchen that are anything but fresh? Try lemon slices in your garbage disposal. Looking to clean your microwave with ease? Try steam cleaning it with water and vinegar. There’s a hack for nearly every possible spring cleaning situation that will get you brilliant results minus the elbow grease. Do a little research to see what you can find!

5. Declutter Your Digital Space

  • Don’t forget to spend time cleaning your digital space. Digital decluttering is key to keeping your stress levels significantly reduced and your daily life organized.

Remember, clutter has a direct impact on your overall health and mental wellness. If you’re looking for ways to feel better, Spring Cleaning is a great place to start.

Happily Removing Chaos & Removing Peace,

Rekita & Alejandra

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